Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michael Jackson Guinness Book of World Records

Michael Jackson, 50, one of pop music's biggest stars, was rushed to a Los Angeles-area hospital by paramedics who found him not breathing when they arrived at his home. Later that afternoon Jackson was pronounced dead, the cause of death is believed to be a cardiac arrest. Below are Mentioned World Records and Achievements.

Most Successful Concert Series - Guinness Book Of World Records
Michael Jackson sold out for seven nights at Wembley Stadium, London, England in the summer of 1988. A total of 504,000 people saw Michael perform July 14-16, 22-23, and August 26-27, 1988.

Biggest Selling Album Of All Time - Guinness Book Of World Records
Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Album is the biggest selling album of all time, with over 50 million copies sold worldwide. Thriller is also the biggest selling U.S album with sales of 25 million copies.

80's Most #1 Hits
By The End of the 1980's Michael Jackson had more #1 hits than any other artist for the decade.

Michael Awards
Michael has more awards than any other artist.

Entertainer Of The Decade
With the #1 (Thriller) and #2 (Bad) ranked albums in the world Michael was the 1980's Entertainer Of The Decade.

Most Grammy Awards - Guinness Book Of World Records
Michael won a record breaking 8 Grammy Awards in 1984, more than any other artist in one year.

Largest Contracts - Guiness Book Of World Records
$890 million (Sony Music) Contract, with prospective earnings of $1 billion.

Greatest Audience - Guiness Book Of World Records
The highest-ever viewership was 133.4 million viewers watching the NBC transmission of Super Bowl XXVII on June 31, 1993. Michael was spotlighted during the half-time peformance.

Highest-Paid Commercial Spokesperson - Guiness Book Of World Records
Pepsi Cola paid Michael Jackson $12 million to do 4 TV commercials.

Bad Tour - Guinness Book Of World Records
Michael Jackson's world tour brought in a record gross revenue of over $124 million during September 1987-December 1988.

100 Million Records
Michael has sold over 100 million singles and albums outside of the U.S.

Billboard Charts
Michael Jackson is the first person in the 37 year history of the chart to enter at # 1, with his single "You Are Not Alone". Michael broke his previous redord held by his single "Earth Song" which debuted at #5.

Biggest Selling Video
Michael Jackson's "The Making Of Thriller" is the biggest selling video to be released by an artist.

Billboard "Hot 100" Singles Chart
Most #1 Hits by Male Artist (13)

#1 Debuts
Michael's "Bad", "Dangerous", and "HIStory" albums all debuted at #1.

Consecutive #1 Singles
Jackson 5 were the first group to ever have four consecutive #1 singles.

#1 On Charts
In 1983 Michael became the first artist to simultaneously hold the number one spots on Billboard's rock albums and rock singles charts, as well as the R&B albums and singles charts.

First Video
Michael Jackson was the first black artist to have a video aired on MTV.

Michael Jackson visits Guinness World Records in London Live Video

Longest Golf Cart

HSBC Champions
6.68 m (21 ft 11 in)
Hong Kong, China
8 October 2008

The longest golf cart measures 6.68 m (21 ft 11 in) from bumper to bumper and was created by HSBC Champions. It was measured in Hong Kong, China, on 8 October 2008.

Highest Limousine

Gary Duval
3.33 m (10 ft 11 in)
California, USA
November 13, 1998

The world's highest limousine, from the ground to the roof, measures 3.33 m (10 ft 11 in). Built by Gary and Shirley Duval (Australia) it has an eight wheel independent suspension system and sits on eight monster truck tyres. It has two separate engines and took a little over 4,000 hours to complete.

Tallest Rideable Motorcycle

Gregory Dunham
3.429 m (11 ft 3 in) tall
California, USA

Gregory Dunham (USA) has constructed a rideable motorcycle that is 3.429 m (11 ft 3 in) tall to the top of handlebars, 6.187 m (20 ft 4 in) long and weighs 2.948 tonnes (6,500 lb). It is powered by a 8.2 litre (502 cu in) V8 engine and has tyres that are 1.88 m (74 in) tall.

Longest Motorcycle

Colin Furze
14.03 m (46 ft 3 in)
Stamford, United Kingdom
14 October 2008

The longest motorcycle is 14.03 m (46 ft 3 in) long and was created by Colin Furze (UK). It was presented and measured at Saltby Aerodrome, Leicestershire, UK, on 14 October 2008.

Largest Parade of BMW Motorcycles

Einsiedeln, Switzerland
June 12, 2004

A parade of 128 BMW C-1 motorcycles took place at the village of Einsiedeln, Switzerland, on June 12, 2004 as part of the SwissC1:2004 event.

Blindfold Motorcycle Speed Record

Billy Baxter
265.33 km/h (164.87 mph)
RAF Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, UK
August 2, 2003

Billy Baxter (UK) reached a speed of 265.33 km/h (164.87 mph) while riding a 1,200cc Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle unsighted at RAF Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, UK, on August 2, 2003.