Saturday, July 11, 2009

Largest Accordion

Giancarlo Francenella
253 x 190 x 85 cm
(99.6 x 74.8 x 33.4 in)
Ancona, Italy
Completed 2001

The largest playable accordion in the world is 253-cm (99.6-in) tall, 190-cm (74.8-in) wide, and 85-cm (33.4-in) deep, and weighs approximately 200 kg (440 lb). The instrument, built by Giancarlo Francenella (Italy), bears the name "Castelfidardo" after the town in Ancona, Italy, in which it was constructed.

Begun in 2000 and finished in 2001, the giant accordion required over 1,000 hours of labor, and features 45 treble piano keys, 120 bass buttons, and 240 reeds. Built on a 5:1 ratio from the original, the instrument is made of wood (fir, cedar, mahogany, walnut), metals (aluminum, steel), cardboard, cloth, and special varnishes.

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